This Side of Paradise at Philips Farm
July 1, 2017
7:19 pm
Coldspring, TX
Philips' Farm

Last summer two prototypes emerged from the murky depths of the imagination- separated by state lines and a decent amount of time behind the wheel – which were named The Void and Escape to Phillips’ Farm. This year, however, boundaries will be eviscerated and creative influences will mingle out in an unknown oasis.

We are pleased to announce, for the first time ever, This Side of Paradise: a music experience and social experiment like none before.

Produced by: HR media / Camp VOID / GoldBeat Entertainment / Back Porch Creatives / Planet Dread / Voodoo Momma’s / ILLSKA / Louisiana Sound Design

When: Saturday, July 1, 2017
Where: Coldspring, Texas / Phillips’ Farm

Music: The Iceman Special / Zach Edwards / Kemiz / The Share Fire / DASHR / HollyRock / Joyce McCoy / Event Horizon / Poor Peter / Gratum / Spare Room / Hunter Romero / OneTime / Carlos Garza / The Kalliope Project

Respect the land. Respect the vibe.